EMW offers intensive courses that include evaluations in many areas. The days are very long and demanding. Evaluations of skills and knowledge required for appropriate levels are determined through participant’s written, oral and practical skill demonstrations, including teaching ground and mounted classes.

Student Levels

Standard Specialty
Packer Jumper Driver Equine Behavior
Preschool Adventure Horseman
Adventure Stableman
Elementary Amateur Ground Driver
Trail Hand Driver
Trail Explorer Trail Packer Pre-Jumper Course Driver
Stable Hand Overnight Packer Amateur Jumper Team Ground Driver
Secondary Progressive Rider Trip Packer Jumper Team Driver Ground Assistant
Top Hand Excursion Packer Course Jumper Course Team Driver Equine Behavior Mounted Assistant
Apprentice Expedition Packer Jumping Competitor Teamster Equine Behaviorist
Equestrian Survival Packer Drive Master Equine Behavior Specialist

Instructor Levels

Assistant Instructor Classes

Ground Assistant has skills to assist with ground classes for 1 or 2 horses only
Wrangler I has skills to assist through Trail Hand Level
Wrangler II has skills to assist through Stable Hand Level
Wrangler III has skills to assist through Top Hand Level
Wrangler IV has skills to assist through Equestrian Level

Standard & Specialty Instructor Classes

Instructors can be certified to teach each of the Classes listed in the “Student Levels” listed above.

  • Certification to Teach a Standard Class requires that the individual has successfully completed the previous Standard Class in the list above and be at least 18 years of age.
  • In order to be certified to teach a Specialty Class, the Instructor must be certified in the equivalent (or better) Standard Class and be at least 18 years of age.
  • The Equestrian Instructor class is called “Equestrian Manager” and requires participants to be at least 21 years of age, in addition to having successfully completed the Instructor certification in the prior Standard Class.

Barn Management Classes

These are NOT Instructor Certifications. Each level has skills to manage horses and staff at an equestrian facility and take trail rides with clients. Certifications must be earned in the order presented below.

  1. Seasonal Barn Manager
  2. Barn Manager
  3. Facility Manager